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It is well known, according to numerous studies, that there is a profound link between music and intelligence. Studying piano requires complete concentration. Students learn to read music and use their eyes, ears, arms, legs, feet, and all ten fingers at the same time. No other activity uses the body so constructively. Coordination of the mind and muscles are transferred into many daily activities and the fuller use of both sides of the brain. Weekly piano lessons include a selection of age appropriate activities with a focus on note reading, rhythm, ear training, piano technique, and playing in solo and ensemble.

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Music is art and science at the same time. By learning music theory, the student will understand the science behind the music. Music theory will teach students how to read notes and rhythm, how to build scales, and the relation between all the different elements that make up music -- which is much more than the individual notes.

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Solfège is singing using the do, re, mi, fa, sol, la, and ti syllables. Each syllable corresponds to a note. Solfège is the quickest and most effective way to develop musicianship; it helps the development of the inner ear and improves listening skills. Note reading, rhythm, and singing with hand signs will cover music theory and performance concepts. It is a wonderful introduction to music without the committment to a particular instrument.

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Kati Magyar obtained her Master Degree in Piano Performing and Teaching at the “G. Dima” Music Academy in Romania, Europe. She is an RCM certified piano and theory teacher with experience in teaching elementary, intermediate, and advanced classes at all ages. Her teaching reflects a blend between several different musical methods, along with an enthusiastic and creative style. Her performing history includes recitals, radio records and orchestral performances as a soloist and accompanist. For ongoing musical development, Kati attends workshops, concerts, and practices regularly for upcoming performances.

The name Viva la Musica was chosen from the title of a song by Praetorious. It was the very first round/canon Kati learned. Up to this day, it is still one of her favourites.




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